Carters Rentals

Rent Recovery Plus & Legal Protection

For Landlords who wish to protect their rental income we can purchase a Rent Recovery Plus product via HomeLet and note you as having an “interest in “ this policy. Having an interest in this policy means that you may be able to benefit should a successful claim be made.

Brief details of the product are below:

1. Cover for the total montlhy rent, no matter how many tenants are on the tenancy agreement

2. Missed rental payments until vacant possession of the property or for up to 15 months, whichever comes first

3. Up to three months' rental payments at 75% following vacant possession (where applicable)

4. Legal expenses up to £100,000 to cover eviciton costs if the tenant is in breach of their tenancy agreement

5. Covers breaches of the tenancy agreement by the tenant, including non-payment of rent and expired section 21 notices

6. Cover should a tenant defend the action taken, meaning we'll continue to pay the claim until the challenge has been resolved

7. 12 months of cover

8. Rent Recovery Plus covers the whole property meaning the policy continues even when/if the tenants change

9. No policy excess - your rental payments are covered straightaway


Please contact us to find out how RENT RECOVERY PLUS can offer you comprehensive protection!